Today more than ever, professional training is a key factor in company success. It enables companies to develop employee skills and facilitates the structural and organizational changes necessary for meeting the corporate challenges of tomorrow.

Would you like to develop your own skills or those of your employees? IDnomic is here to help you find the training program best suited to your needs. And because successful training depends on its preparation, IDnomic has put everything in place to accompany you through each phase of training.

IDnomic is a training leader, offering standard and customized in-person training sessions, some of which confer certificates or diplomas.

IDnomic is certified as a training organization by the region Ile de France (provider number: 11 92 19072 92).

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1 Day / 7 Hours


  • Discover certificates and their lifecycle
  • Understand technologies and cryptography norms
  • Understand PKI organization
  • Identify links with the law : Digital signature ; international usage
  • Discover IDnomic products


  • Security Officer
  • Project Managers
  • Architects / System Administrator
  • Solution PKI operator


Academic background or computer engineering or equivalent by experience.


  • Cryptography Base
  • Implementing cryptography
  • Introduction to the PKI concepts
  • PKI and organization
    • The structure of PKI
    • Hierarchy authority
    • The certificaion authority
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Discovery of IDnomic
  • Pratical exercices
    • Using cryptographic primitives (OpenSSL)
    • Operations of a PKI, use TLS certificate