Project Management

As an experienced and specialized service provider for the protection of digital identities, IDnomic advises and accompanies you throughout the progress of your project :

  • Helping you make the best choices in terms of your technical or software needs (providing expertise in electronic certificate formats)
  • Lending our experience to your user registration process, taking into account your internal organization
  • Coordinating your own technical teams to setup the solution (forming an IDnomic implementation group)
  • Advising you on the prominence of your brand through electronic certificates delivered to your users

The scope of work of our teams includes the following :

→  Defining the architecture of the Certificate Authority or electronic certificate service to be created

→  Defining the registration process to implement

→  Defining of the degree of integration with your IT systems

→  Expertise advice on which electronic certificate formats to create

→  Assistance with the legal implications associated with electronic certification

→  Writing the certificate policies and associated certificate practices