IDnomic is a service provider powerhouse for one or multiple Certificate Authorities per customer and acts as a trusted third party in charge of the technical production of electronic certificates (electronic IDs) on behalf of Certificate Authorities.

This allows you to delegate the technical management responsabilities to us and have us provide you with a seamlessly integrated service.

IDnomic can manage the PKI Certificate Authorities for corporations and entities who would like to benefit from this service, while simultaneously allowing corporations full control over the allocation methods, delivery channels, and management of the digital identities provided to them by Certificate Authorities.

With IDnomic, cloud infrastructure benefits from:

  • A highly secured production centerRegularly audited and certified by independent third parties. Located in the Paris region, this production center houses and hosts physical equipment, databases and directories, administration tools, PKI cryptographic modules, as well as modules for timestamping, archiving, notarizing, and softwares that enable the approval, escrow, and recovery of certificates.
  • Certified services approved by government and banking regulatorsThe set of procedures and practices implemented to ensure the physical and logistic security of our production center has facilitated the authorization of hosted services for many government entities and banking institutions, indicators of quality and professionalism to our customers seeking client references.
  • Reduced installation and operating costsThanks to the cost-sharing benefits of trusted third-party hosting, the SaaS version has minimal and highly transparent pricing.
  • Maximum flexibilityTransition easily from a pilot application to widespread deployment of trusted services throughout your business. IDnomic integrates with market-adopted enterprise communication software.


Like any industrial site, IDnomic’s datacenter is the subject of a constant vigilance and monitoring.

Dedicated to certification services, our production site must be able to keep up with technical and legislative advancements (labor law, supervision of new technologies…).

Our PKI solutions, used by our clients to manage their digital certificates, are hosted in this datacenter.

To meet these requirements, the operations center uses biometric access control and multiple intrusion detection systems with CCTV.

In addition to these logical and physical security barriers — their number varies from 3 to 7 depending on the types of elements to be protected — the security service also has redundant systems that ensure a high level of availability and the ability to resume service from a second operations site.

A tight monitoring of sensitive elements (cryptographic keys, hardware, principle of shared secrets and role separation, etc.) is performed by a multi-skilled team: R&D, engineering, security, operations.

Constant monitoring and warning messages complete the system to ensure a continuous and permanent control of operations.


The performance of our datacenter reflects our company’s commitment to provide you with a quality, reliable, efficient and secure service.

Over time, we have acquired a unique expertise in Europe in electronic certification fields such as authentication, encryption, identity protection and privacy, thanks to:

  • Shared experiences with other European and North American operators, that use some of the same core technologies, to design and optimize the architectures of our production centers in order to enhance their level of performance and meet the needs of our customers
  • Constant confrontation with the needs of large corporations, governments and institutions for particularly demanding requirements in terms of quality of service and response time
  • Participation in the structuring and strengthening of the market, through standardization activities, contribution to the creation of adequate regulations and leading innovative projects that benefit the community

Why IDnomic?
Find out how IDnomic protects digital identities for corporations and administrations.


Why host IDnomic in-house?

Businesses and governments face the same dilemmas:

  • How to improve their competitiveness and agility in an environment constrained by regulations and cyber threats while reducing costs?

Every day new users need access to information systems while companies are charged with preserving data privacy.

  • How to secure important business data in an economy where everything is paperless, where we can transfer gigabytes of sensitive data in a single mouse click?

Every day new devices are connected. Reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction, BYOD definitely brings clear benefits to businesses.

  • How to reconcile, in a secure environment, mobility, availability, and individual productivity?

Faced with these new challenges, the traditional approach to security which simply blocked access to unauthorized users has found its limits and does not provide the flexibility required by most companies.

IDnomic proposes the establishment of a trusted infrastructure in self-hosted mode to reconcile security and competitiveness.

IDnomic’s PKI isoftware can then quickly and easily deploy digital identity management solutions inthe controlled infrastructure.

Enhanced by native integration with market-leading IAM software and through cross-certification programs with our partners, IDnomic solutions offer an immediate and risk-free solution with a very quick return on investment.