OpenTrust enhances its Corporate ID line dedicated to managing and protecting digital identities. Its new virtual smart card management solution, Virtual Guard for OpenTrust CMS, allows companies to benefit from the security of smart cards without their inherent logistical drawbacks and costs.
Specifically, Virtual Guard for OpenTrust CMS brings the full spectrum of smart card uses to tablets – which are increasingly used at the workplace – while improving users’ everyday experience by freeing them from the need for physical devices.

Why use Virtual Smartcards?

Password authentication schemes, while still widely in use, do not offer the appropriate protection for your company’s assets. Systems protected by the sole use of passwords are data breach waiting to be exploited.

Security-aware organizations can switch to strong two-factor authentication schemes involving a smartcard of token and a secret only known to the holder. This solution offers a proven high security level:

  • The keys protected by the smart card cannot be exported nor copied.
  • Cryptographic computations occur on the device, the keys are never exposed to any software client.
  • The smartcards and tokens are tamper resistant, attempts to alter the device will make it unusable.

Although undisputed, the advantages of the smartcard are challenged by the logistics and management costs they induce:

  • Supplying cards and readers and potential middleware support.
  • Lost and forgotten cards must be reissued.

Thanks to the Virtual Smart Cards, you can now benefit from the strong security improvements of the smartcard without the burden of its logistics.

Virtual Guard for OpenTrust-CMS

Virtual Smartcards put to profit the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) embedded in most of recent computers. The TPM is a dedicated secured hardware that runs cryptographic computations.

Hence, the Virtual Smart Card is created within the TPM protected environment and operates exactly like a traditional Smart Card, except that the Virtual Smart Card is “always inserted”.

Virtual Guard for OpenTrust-CMS brings you all the lifecycle management features of OpenTrust-CMS applied to Virtual Smartcards.


  • Cost-effective secure storage of certificates used for smartcard logon, VPN access, Wifi authentication…
  • Cryptographic operations take place in the TPM protected environment.
  • The power of the smartcard without the logistics burden.
  • User friendly solution.

Virtual Guard for OpenTrust-CMS unlocks new use cases that can extend current smartcard deployments:

  • Bring strong authentication to new productivity tools like tablets
  • Reach new users: traveling sale force, field technicians, small local offices…
  • Improve service continuity by issuing backup temporary Virtual Smart Cards to your employees in case of forgotten smart cards