Take advantage of our team of PKI experts for the successful completion of your projects.

We help make your project a success

You’ll benefit from sound advice and know-how acquired through our extensive experience in wide-scale project rollout for international key accounts. A single point of contact centralizes actions and synchronizes all IDnomic services. To ensure we fulfill our commitments, we conduct risk analysis at the beginning of your project to evaluate any points requiring special attention, and schedule regular check-ups for rigorous milestone monitoring.

our expertise

  • Designated project manager in France – experienced profiles
  • International project rollout support
  • Rigorous scheduling and respect of milestones
  • Risk analysis and management

Best practices and knowledge of security standards at the earliest stage of project design

As soon as you begin designing your project, we conduct a careful analysis to better understand your needs, thus guaranteeing a technical architecture that meets crucial security and availability criteria while overcoming any interoperability issues. You take part in workshops to build your skills and ensure tight-knit collaboration between our respective teams. You benefit from IDnomic’s technical and functional advice concerning equipment, procedures and workflows.

As experts on security standards such as eIDAS and French RGS, we provide our experience and best practices to guarantee smooth certification processes.

our expertise

  • Technical and functional expertise
  • Sound knowledge of standards (eIDAS, RGS, etc.)
  • Advice on best practices, procedures and workflows
  • Collaborative workshops to build your skills and ensure close collaboration

A test environment to ensure effective deployment

To anticipate any integration issues that might arise with your environment while ensuring our technical solution matches your requirements, we provide a test environment that replicates your production environment. This means you can learn to use the solution while making sure it suits your specific needs. This platform is available at all times and acts as a laboratory for your next upgrades and future requirements.

our expertise

  • Test platform to help you get started
  • Dedicated, secure environment
  • Adapted and configured to match your specific needs
  • Anticipation of integration issues in customer environment
  • Ideal for determining future needs

Guaranteed trust for your secrets

Producing and deploying certificates on your IT systems requires absolute trust in the infrastructure generating those certificates. As it defines the methods used to generate and store cryptographic objects, the key ceremony seals the trust you place in the foundations of the PKI. With 15 years of experience in this field, IDnomic offers you proven procedures, a dedicated team and a high-security environment including an isolated room, access control, video recording and 24-7 monitoring. In addition, an escrow process can be used to store your cryptographic components, guaranteeing that your secrets will be securely held.

our expertise

  • Proven key ceremony procedures
  • Dedicated staff
  • Dedicated high-security environment with access control, intrusion detection, 24/7 video surveillance and room access tracking
  • Management of secrets in vault room
  • Traceability of use of secrets
  • Latest-generation cryptographic hardware

Gradual deployment without disturbing your business activity

Solutions are rolled out following a rigorous and documented method. Our flexible, gradual approach won’t disturb your company’s business. You determine the ideal time for broad-scale implementation based on use cases and the scope of your information system (site, subsidiary, country) to ensure optimal integration and facilitate acceptance.

our expertise

  • Rigorous, documented method
  • Deployment won’t disturb your business activity
  • Gradual broad-scale implementation based on scope, usage and the number of digital identities  

Skills transfer to ensure autonomy from the outset

With our complete, inter-company or bespoke training program designed for security officers, project managers and IS division staff, you learn how a PKI works and gain a better grasp of the full potential of IDnomic software products. You become more efficient in your daily tasks and applications and maintain control over solution rollout whenever new needs arise.

our expertise

  • Inter-company or bespoke
  • In-house or on customer premises
  • Experts intervene during trainings
  • Oriented towards hands-on use

A dedicated expert available at all times

Even after the initial rollout phase, a single contact person who is familiar with your infrastructure and use cases is available. This PKI expert meets your specific needs, providing advice and support for using our software. Together you will optimize the process of securing your digital identities for new applications while taking your requests into account for our software’s future upgrades.

our expertise

  • Single, dedicated, expert point of contact
  • Extensive knowledge of customer’s infrastructure and project
  • Ideal for:
    • Extending the PKI to other uses and scopes
    • Integrating and adapting the PKI to hardware upgrades impacting the customer’s infrastructure
    • Escalation of specific needs


Secure all your digital practices

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