With digital technology, our societies have moved into a revolution that is affecting every activity. We firmly believe that the digital revolution is not just about technology and economic aspects, but also cognitive, cultural, social and political. From healthcare to learning, consumption and access to public services, digital technology is disrupting established social relationships and transforming previous models.

Building on our strong commitments, we are very active in this digital economy for the future. This is what drives us forward. The two pillars for achieving this are innovation and trust, with a people-centric approach as a key feature of our value proposition.

Working, innovating, inventing, daring together, this is how we stand out and what guides us. Joining IDnomic means being part of a human adventure driven by a mindset and culture founded on 5 core values: Respect – Dedication – Creativity – Talent – Fulfilment.

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  • Spacious and bright offices at the heart of one of the Paris Region’s most active digital cities
  • Wellness and sport: IDnomic football team, massages, break room, sun loungers and swing chairs in the patio-garden areas
  • Welcoming cafeteria, with free hot drinks throughout the day and fruit delivered twice a week
  • Extensive opportunities for sharing: internal and external events, celebrations of our major successes, etc.
  • Outstanding accessibility: public transport (RER, tram, bus), bike, scooter, car (parking spaces available) or even jogging

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Discover their journeys…

Coralie Héritier


After supporting the company’s development for over 10 years as a member of the Management Committee, Coralie Héritier has been heading up IDnomic since the end of 2015. 20 years of experience managing innovative and technological businesses that she has successfully capitalized on to help drive IDnomic forward with its growth.

fabien clarke

Product Owner

Fabien joined the company at the end of 2017 as a pre-sales engineer, and is now part of the Marketing team, making full use of all the technical knowledge he gained as a Product Owner. As the dedicated contact for the R&D and Marketing teams, he heads up the roadmap for several IDnomic products and ensures the strategic consistency of product developments.

hafeda bakhti

Innovation Engineer

Hafeda started out with IDnomic as part of a work-study program with the innovation team for three years. Through her dedication, she has successfully developed her career and is now the R&D-Innovation team leader. Her field of expertise is focused on research work linked to securing the IoT and specifically intelligent transport systems (ITS).