The acceleration of digital innovation is transforming and disrupting our clients’ activities. Thanks to our positioning focused on digital use cases, from connectivity to big data and cybersecurity, IDnomic is ideally positioned to play a key role in the digital transformation of these markets.

To implement this strategy and support our clients, we want a trust-based “human” relationship. At IDnomic, it is above all our individual capabilities, expertise and personalities which, beside the Management Committee, help make tomorrow possible today.

Management committee

CORALIE Héritier


Coralie Héritier has been the Head of IDnomic since late 2015, after working for the development of the business for over 10 years as a member of the Management Committee. She has about 20 years of experience managing innovative companies in the field of digital and new technologies. Coralie is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Commerce of Paris and holds a “Corporation Operational Manager” Master’s degree.

Mathieu Cherouvrier


Mathieu Cherouvrier joined IDnomic ten years ago as a Digital Identity project manager in France and abroad. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and developing long-term partnerships, he is now turning his energy to extend the IDnomic Cloud in order to support the ever-growing online PKI services for people, machines, and the IoT. Mathieu previously held the role of support manager; he began his career developing software solutions for industries and government organizations.

Sébastien Delétang


Sebastien joined IDnomic as CFO in 2018 in order to support the steering and the growth of the Company. Sebastien has 16 years of experience in auditing and financial management with major Goups (KPMG, Sanofi Aventis, CFAO) followed by start-up and fast growing companies on an international perimeter in the field of new technologies such as Softbank Robotics and Habiteo.

Arnaud Duchamp


Arnaud joined the company as part of the Professional Services team in 2005, before assuming responsibility for the team in 2008. At that time, he completed many deployment projects in the public and private sectors (banking, industry…) both in France and abroad. In 2014, he took over the Trusted Identity business within R&D, before taking on the role of R&D Director at the end of 2015. Now in charge of R&D activities but also Professional Services teams, he remains a recognized technical expert. A graduate from ESIEA, Arnaud holds also a “Corporation Operational Manager” Master’s degree.

Morgan Follier


Organized and tuned to the needs for customers, he contributed to the business development of IDnomic with the industrial major accounts of the aeronautical sector and the defense. He leads the whole commercial activity since 2017 and tries to position IDnomic’s know-how in the implementation of PKI for national and European projects securing digital identities and the IoT.

Guillaume Jaccarini


Guillaume joined IDnomic in 2018 and takes care of Product, Marketing and Communication. He has more than 10 years of experience in the media industry, with a strong focus on digital transformation. His main goal is to strengthen IDnomic’s leadership in securing digital identities both on a product and on a thought leadership standpoint.

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