European market leader for data management and data protection

IDnomic’s mission is to secure all digital use cases through best-in-class solutions combining functional modules and services.

Each day, IDnomic allows millions of people to authenticate and securely access IT resources and to exchange data  from their PC, tablet or mobile. Our solutions also help to protect electronic documents and enable digital trusted public services for citizens. IDnomic protects them wherever and whenever they need it.

IDnomic’s key figures:

  • 200 clients
  • 25 countries
  • 15 years of digital identity and PKI expertise
  • 300 million citizens covered by our solutions
  • 30 million network and mobile devices secured


IDnomic provides digital identities for individuals, machines and  connected devices thanks to its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. Securing digital use cases for different industries is IDnomic’s main focus each day and a key factor guiding its strategy and development. To effectively meet the needs of each client, IDnomic’s solutions can be delivered as cloud services in our secure datacenters or as licensed software to be hosted on-site.

Securing all digital use cases with solutions combining functional modules and services 


  • 2004: Creation of Keynectis, the first French provider of SaaS security services for identities and exchanges
  • 2011: Acquisition of OpenTrust, trusted infrastructure software company (PKI and CMS)
  • 2016: Emergence of IDnomic, european leader in digital identity management and protection
  • 2019: Acquisition by Atos, global leader in digital transformation


IDnomic’s expertise covers 3 major areas

  • Businesses, to secure access of their employees and subcontractors to services and  data from any network, wherever they may be
  • States, to protect the digital identities of their citizens who need identity documents for verification purposes, travelling or accessing  e-government services
  • Connected devices, which need to be deployed in a secure environment to be used with complete confidence and trust by the general public

IDnomic’s solutions cover a wide range of use cases, such as: encrypting confidential information, securing the data contained in biometric passports, authenticating sensors or components in connected industrial networks, anonymizing sensitive information etc.



The deployment and use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services and the delivery of strong digital identities requires high expertise and enhanced infrastructure capabilities at all times.

These specific requirements include:

  • Secure premises (different scopes, access control, monitoring and auditing)
  • Powerful and reliable IT resources (availability, processing capacity, configuration management)
  • Cryptographic resources (implementation, protection and robustness of mechanisms)
  • Formalized and audited procedures (quality plan, transparency)
  • Deployment of trusted staff (types of profiles, qualifications, risk reduction)
  • Business intelligence to monitor emerging technical, technological and legal developments (changes in resources, threats, standards, regulations)
  • Constant monitoring and advice for solutions’ and offers’ evolution (development, upgrades, anticipation of changes etc.)


Secure all your digital practices

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