Governments, Departments, Agencies, and Integrators in charge of large-scale digital identity programs, you would like to secure the identities of your citizens and offer new online services.

Secure electronic travel documents

Secure electronic travel documents

Accelerate border screening and protect private data for travelers with e-Passport

  • Produce secure electronic travel documents
  • Control access to biometric data
  • Deploy interoperable solutions that facilitate the exchange of information between countries
Citizen Digital Identities

Citizen Digital Identities

Provide citizens with secure services for electronic ID cards and e-Administration services

  • Produce tamper-proof electronic IDs
  • Protect the digital identities of your citizens to assure secure Internet account access
  • Secure business transactions on the Internet
e-government services

e-government services

Implement solutions for e-services adoption

  • Benefit from our solutions and our expertise to create a Certification Services Provider (CSP)
  • Exchange information online with government agencies or private companies
  • Focus on developing relationships with your citizens and improve ROI

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Citizen ID – ePassport :

A complete software suite, consistent with international standards and deployed worldwide.

  • BAC / SAC Suite to ensure the authenticity of documents includes CSCA products, Document Signer, and National PKD
  • EAC Suite to protect access to private data in documents includes HVAC products, DVCA, and SPOC

Citizen ID – eID :

A software suite that meets the needs of identity management projects at the national level: provides Performance, Security, and Scalability.

  • Generation center for digital certificates (CA)
  • Process management module (RA)
  • Module for producing escrowed and enhanced keys (KMS / KRS)

Citizen ID – eGov :

Our expertise in use case procedures and e-governement markets associated with our products. Create a local/national digital trust manager.

  • A software suite for the production of digital identities (PKI)
  • Online management tools (OCSP, timestamp, Signature)
  • Consulting services from market analysis and project management to security audits

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