Who are we ?

IDnomic is the leading European provider of trust services for the protection of digital identities of citizens, corporate employees, and the Internet of Things.

In a world where information and communication network systems are constantly evolving, where anyone can access information at any time regardless of where they are located, benefiting from a trusted environment is an absolute necessity.

Key dates

  • 2004 : Creation of Keynectis, the first French provider of identity security servicesof exchanges in mode SaaS
  • 2011 : Redemption from OpenTrusT, trusted infrastructure software company (PKI and CMS)
  • 2016 : Emergence of IDnomic, european leader in digital identity management and protection

Our expertise

IDnomic provides peace of mind for users who want to communicate, authenticate, and exchange confidential data safely:

  • Employees must have secure access to data from their multi-channel enterprise objects (workstations, laptops, smartphones…) via any network, anywhere (in the office, on the road, or from any external location).
  • Citizens need electronic identity and travel documents when traveling and to access secure e-government services.
  • The expanding network of connected devices must be deployed in a secure and monitored environment in order to be used with confidence by the general public.

Why IDnomic ?

To meet the market needs for securing big data and connected objects – strengthened by the success of its PKI solutions, its highly secured datacenter, its numerous professional certifications, and the trust of customers around the world – OpenTrust has chosen to change its name to IDnomic.

With such a strong and impactful brand identity as IDnomic, we strive for worldwide success in protecting the digital identities of people everywhere.

Our Know-how ?

Our core business is providing PKI services, security solutions with high added value that we deliver as cloud services or as licensed software to be hosted by you.

Our expertise covers three large domains:

  • IDnomic protects the digital identities of citizens
  • IDnomic protects the digital identities of employees, devices, work stations, and networks
  • IDnomic protects the digital identities of connected objects (IoT)

Every day, around the world, millions of people use IDnomic-secured technologies with their corporate badges, passports, and electronic IDs – by authenticating to a network or accessing confidential resources from their PCs, tablets, or cell phones.

In all places, at all times, IDnomic protects its users.

IDnomic provides a platform that allows you to manage your electronic certificates and develop relationships with your users. The service is available at all times so your certificates can be issued, renewed, or revoked as needed.

IDnomic provides:

  • Software infrastructure with fine-grained controls capable of handling tens of millions of digital certificates and anticipating large numbers of stakeholders with various deployment requirements.
  • Technical know-how, the result of over 10 years of experience, which was honed in major e-government projects, the banking community, and industrial sectors.

Audit & Certification

Based on standards recognized by the French government as well as by many governments in Europe and throughout the world, IDnomic’s technologies provide the guarantee of services that have been certified by the most stringent governing bodies:

PSCE (electronic certification service provider) qualification:

As an trusted service provider, IDnomic is certified ETSI TS 101 456-certified (AFNOR Z74 400).

CC EAL 4+ certification:

Common Criteria certification refers to a framework recognized by 22 countries including France, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Austria, and Japan. This framework is used to certify security products and systems. CC certification provides a high level of quality assurance to IDnomic customers and enables corporate IT departments to make informed decisions about security functionality and the level of security assurance delivered by their products and services. The EAL4+ Evaluation Assurance Level is the highest level mutually recognized by all signers of the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement.

RGS accreditation:

Référentiel Général de Sécurité refers to a specific set of French general security guidelines. The aim of RGS accreditation is to facilitate secure electronic transactions between users and administrative authorities and amongst different administrative authorities by providing a catalogue of interoperable, standardized security solutions. As part of their migration to RGS, administrative authorities are required to use the specific solutions and products listed for their information systems. IDnomic therefore ensures its products and services are RGS-accredited so they can be used by government-owned platforms as well as by private individuals and companies that wish to connect to these platforms.

NATO Secret classification:

Citizen ID by IDnomic was awarded the “NATO Secret” classification based on the highest certification criteria available in the evaluation standards. Listed in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue (NIAPC), Citizen ID was the first PKI solution on the market to receive such a high level of classification.