IDnomic is the leading European provider of trust services for the protection of digital identities of citizens, corporate employees, and the Internet of Things.

In a world where information and communication network systems are constantly evolving, where anyone can access information at any time regardless of where they are located, benefiting from a trusted environment is an absolute necessity.

IDnomic provides peace of mind for users who want to communicate, authenticate, and exchange confidential data safely:

  • Employees must have secure access to data from their multi-channel enterprise objects (workstations, laptops, smartphones…) via any network, anywhere (in the office, on the road, or from any external location).
  • Citizens need electronic identity and travel documents when traveling and to access secure e-government services.
  • The expanding network of connected devices must be deployed in a secure and monitored environment in order to be used with confidence by the general public.

Trust, the core business of IDnomic

To meet these diverse needs for trust – strong authentication, confidentiality of information, encryption and data integrity – deploying a secured infrastructure (called Public Key Infrastructure or PKI), such as those developed and managed in our datacenter, is essential.

Electronic certificates, furnished by our products and services, are similar to identification documents, such as passports or driver’s licenses, in digital format. They are used to secure information systems and all the data that passes through those information systems.

“Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with efficient and innovative security solutions to meet the challenges of the digital world of tomorrow.”

Coralie Héritier, CEO IDnomic

30 M. corporate badges,
secured network devices,
and mobiles

+300 M. citizens covered
by our solutions

150 M. electronic certificates

+200 customers in France
and abroad

Why IDnomic ?

To meet the market needs for securing big data and connected objects – strengthened by the success of its PKI solutions, its highly secured datacenter, its numerous professional certifications, and the trust of customers around the world – OpenTrust has chosen to change its name to IDnomic.

With such a strong and impactful brand identity as IDnomic, we strive for worldwide success in protecting the digital identities of people everywhere.